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Darwin K. Davidson
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Bluegrass Musicians

All the bluegrass musicians photographs shown in my bluegrass galleries are available for purchase. They are printed on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper in either 8.5" x 11" or 8" x 10" for $25, or 11" x 14" for $40. The cost is plus S&H. Other special sizes are also available.

Please contact me at 207-348-7767 or e-mail: darwin@darwindavidson.com for ordering information.

Musicians and bands are always welcome to use the pictures in these bluegrass galleries on their Facebook, Myspace, and web pages for a very minimal fee. Please contact me about this, or if you wish to order prints, or for any questions about other commercial use of my images.


Adams, Tom
Adcock, Eddie
Aldridge, Brian
Baucom, Terry
Blaylock, Audie
Bradley, Dale Ann
Brewster, Paul
Brock, Jesse
Brown, Alison
Brown, Richard
Bub, Mike
Buller, Becky
Burchett, Elmer
Bush, Sam
Cahill, Greg
Carter, Jason
Cherryholmes, Mollie
Clancey, Brian
Cleveland, Michael
Cohen, Flynn
Connell, Dudley
Cordle, Larry
Cyr, Taylor
Davies, Bryn
Davis, Chris
Deaton, Honie
Dewey, Adam
Dickens, Hazel and Mike Seeger
Douglas, Jerry
Driessen, Casey
Eldredge, Terry
Eldridge, Ben
Falco, Andy
Forster, Nick
Gibson, Leigh
Goins, Melvin
Gorman, Skip
Grant, Tyler
Gray, Tom
Greene, Ben
Hanna, Jeff
Harris, Mickey
Harrison, Joan
Haynes, Adam
Hoffman, Scott
Hofmann, John
Holloway, Mare
Hunt, Gary
Hurst, Jim
Husted, Lisa and Ron Thomason
Ibbotson, Jimmy
Jackson, Sam
Kaukonen, Jorma
Keith, Bill
Kelly, Pete
King, James
King, James and Dan Paisley
Kowalski, Amanda
Kruger, Jens
Kruger, Uwe
Landsberg, Joel
Lawrence, Jack
Lawson, Doyle
Leadbetter, Phil
Lee, Julie
Leet, Mary Jo
Lewis, Laurie
Lewis, Rad
Lilly, Everett
Lundy, Bobby
Lynch, Claire
Martin, Jimmy
Mattingly, Jimmy
McCoury, Del
McCoury, Ronnie
McEuen, John
McNeely, Jerry
McReynolds, Jesse
Merriam, Buddy
Merrill, Eric
Meyers, Lincoln
Miller, Eddie
Mitterhoff, Barry
Nixon, Harold
O'Brien, Tim
Osborne, Bobby
Paisley, Dan and James King
Perry, Dale
Prater, Kevin
Raines, Missy
Rawlings, David
Raybon, Marty
Reid, Lou
Rice, Tony
Rome, Betsy
Rowan, Peter
Rozum, Tom
Sandifer, Steven
Scanlan, Martha
Scruggs, Earl
Seeger, Mike and Hazel Dickens
Simmons, Vicki
Simpkins, Ronnie
Singleton, Joe
Skaggs, Ricky
Smith, Valerie
Sneed, Thomas
Stanley, Dr. Ralph
Stewart, Ron
Stillman, Richard
Sutton, Bryon
Sykes Jr, Ernie
Thile, Chris
Thomason, Ron
Travers, Fred
Verch, April
Vincent, Rhonda
Waller, Charlie
Watkins, Sara
Watson, Doc
Weekly, "Big" Al
Welch, Gillian
Whalley, Jimbo
Williams, Josh
Williams, Roger
Young, Adrienne


Please contact me if you should have any questions about the Bluegrass Bands photographs.